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Security measures and principles in Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

Editor’s Note: The following is an article written for and published in DZone’s 2021 Application Security Trend Report.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) space continues to expand, “smart” products are becoming more popular. Now you can easily buy and connect devices like vacuum cleaner robots, doorbell cameras, and smart…

How to Apply Common Security Principles and What tool to Choose to Prevent Attacks on Your Docker Containers and Kubernetes clusters.

1. Man-in-the-Middle attack.

The MITM attack is widespread in the Kubernetes and Docker. This attack includes additional malicious parts between the component that sends data and the component that receives this data. It can be a fake container, service, middleware, or even a human. For example:

Creating a Bot with NASA API and Azure Bot Services, including Language Recognition. Part1.

My team and I were working on an open-source customer project in the aerospace domain that provided scientific data for students and university data scientists. After several attempts to build a classic Web UI application, we moved to a simplified Bot Flow. And this is why and how.

Assigning and Managing CPU and Memory resources in the Kubernetes can be tricky and easy at the same time. Having done this task for numerous customers, I have decided to create a framework zone. I will show you what Kubernetes resources and limits are and how to manage them.

The framework contains the following steps.

  • Infographic…

Managing VM Images may be a nightmare. Here are 6 simple approaches on how to seamlessly build, share, test, and copy images in Azure. And as a bonus, you also get how to build image notifications based on Event-Driven-Architecture.


Whether you are managing 100 Virtual Machines or 1000+ that build…

Building and supporting infrastructure in the large organization can be a challenging task due to automation of all deployment steps, for example, creating cloud environments for a department with a set of virtual machines that contain preinstalled software, utilities, services, etc, that may have their own dependencies like database and…

Building CI/CD process for the .NET Core application could be complicated especially when you are dealing with Kubernetes and Docker and if you need to include code style analysis, unit test and code coverage report.

In this article I am going to explain the process of building simple CI/CD pipeline…

In many projects error handling and validation is distributed across business logic, API controllers, data access layer in the form of conditions (“if-else” sequences). This leads to the violation of the Separation of Concerns Principle and results in “Spaghetti code”, like in the example below.


Business needs to grow in order to be successful and handle an increasing number of clients and partners, and if a company is not ready to respond to this load then there is a big chance that opportunities can be missed. This brings a topic of scalability into the game…

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